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Self-Service, Online XML Data Conversion

Stonehaven Technology has released an affordable online subscription service which will offers bi-directional XML - spreadsheet conversion.  sTToXML closes the loop by allowing a user to easily convert a .csv file to XML and a XML file to .csv.

sTToXML will:
  • Convert spreadsheet information into valid XML documents
  • Convert XML documents into easy to edit flat-file or relational DB spreadsheets
  • Create template spreadsheets for converting legacy information into XML

How does it work for you?

Easily Prepare New Data for XML

1. Select and download a spreadsheet template from sTToXML.

2. Populate the easy to understand spreadsheet and upload it to sTToXML. An exclusive, valid XML document will automatically be created.

Easily Make Mass Changes in Existing XML Information

1. Upload an XML document to sTToXML .  It will automatically be converted to a spreadsheet ready for easy mass changes.

2. Use sTToXML to convert the spreadsheet back to XML complete with your new information.

Advantages to You

  • sTToXML is 100% Internet based which allows access from any computer which has Internet access.
  • You can now easily make changes in your NetSuite information.  Make numerous adjustments in your information offline in a spreadsheet where you can easily use copy and paste for mass changes and then upload the updated information to NetSuite.
  • There is no additional software required for you to install on your computer.
  • An online subscription service is much more affordable than hiring a consultant or dedicating an IT employee to design a custom solution for processing your data to XML needs.
  • You sign-up only for the duration and capacity you require in order to meet your budgeting and conversion needs.
  • Stonehaven Technology has already completed the programming and is offering it in an affordable front-end.
  • Stonehaven Technology's sTToXML leverages its technology over a large number of users; hence, the customer base receives a much lower cost per user especially with compared with the direct and indirect cost of self-developing custom one-off solutions.
Ease of Use
  • No need for you to try to decipher cryptic XML DTD documents.  Stonehaven Technology has included the rules and data format of the XML DTD specifications in the back-end design of sTToXML .
  • You can now move from tabular spreadsheet data to XML in one easy step.

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