Data to XML Conversion Service

Allow Stonehaven Technology to handle your data conversion(s) for you -- save time, no need to learn XML, and eliminate the other hassles of field mapping and preparation involved with data conversion.  Stonehaven Technology is able to take your raw data and convert it to validated XML file(s) ready for import into Netsuite.

Is your data not yet formed / joined?  Stonehaven Technology can also do the joins, queries, lookups, and other methodology to extract your data from a number of separate but related sources as part of the setup for conversion to XML.

Your takeaways:

  • Small 8 - 10 record XML document for testing.
  • Valid XML document(s) containing all records.  Larger projects will be broken into multiple XML files for easier handling.  Consideration must also be given to Netsuite's XML record and file-size requirements.


Data to XML

- Base conversion is $125 per table for up to 1000 records plus $0.02 per each extra record over 1000.  Stonehaven Technology will convert a source spreadsheet to a validated XML file ready for import.  Stonehaven Technology can, at the client's discretion, run the Netsuite XML UI option to import the XML into Netsuite.

- One-time setup fee of $90 per table for up to 75 columns plus $0.75 for each extra column.  Setup includes and field mapping and any necessary joins.  (The setup fee is waived if the source data is already formed into a single spreadsheet, contains XML element names as the column names, and the columns are already in sequence specified by the XML language.)


XML to Data

- Base conversion is $75 per 10,000 records.  Stonehaven Technology will convert a valid XML file to records / field format. The client may specify the resultant file format.  The choices include comma-delimited .CSV, Excel .XLS, Access .MDB.  Stonehaven Technology can, at the client's discretion, run the Netsuite XML UI option to export the XML from Netsuite.

- XML file clean-up is $45 per hour.  Occasionally, XML files may contain special characters which are incompatible with sTToXML / conversion to a text-based .CSV file.  Stonehaven Technology will sweep the XML file looking for these characters and making replacements where necessary before the XML is converted to data.

Prices and services are subject to change without notice.


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