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Submit a New XML Language to sTToXML

sTToXML's capability to support any number of XML languages is now being opened.  Are you an XML user, developer, or consultant who would like to take advantage of sTToXML's XML -> spreadsheet -> XML conversion (flat-file or relational) capabilities?  You may submit your XML language for inclusion in sTToXML.  sTToXML uses the information in an XML language's .DTD document to learn the specifications for generating valid XML document files and spreadsheet templates.

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Netsuite's smbxml XML language was the first language supported by sTToXML.  The Netsuite community of users and developers continued use of and feedback about sTToXML allowed sTToXML to develop to a point where it's now ready for the general XML world.  

The Process:

Developer or End- user:

  • Submission of a new language

Stonehaven Technology

  • Evaluation of the XML language, DTD, and privacy situation for compatibility with sTToXML.  We will follow-up with an approximate ready date.
  • Incorporation of the XML language into sTToXML.
  • Testing of sTToXML and the XML language.
  • Public release of the new XML language in sTToXML.

The turnaround time for regular submission may be up to 30 days and up to 5 business days for priority submissions.  Language submissions are handled on a first-in, first out basis within each submission category.

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